Cookies Policy

Masia els Esclopets informa sobre l´ús de les galetes a la seva pàgina web:

1. What are the cookies?

Cookies are small text files generated by Web pages that the user visits, which contain session data that may be useful later on the Web page. The data allow the website to maintain its information between the pages, and also to analyze the way of interacting with the site.

Cookies are safe because they can only store the information that was put in their place by the browser, the information that the user has entered in the browser or the one included in the application of page. They cannot execute code and cannot be used to access the user's computer.

Cookies are essential for the functioning of the Internet, providing countless advantages in the provision of interactive services, facilitating the navigation and usability of Web pages. Cookies can not harm computers and are activated helps identify and resolve errors.

2. Types of cookies

Below, we provide more information to better understand the different types of cookies that can be used:

Session or own cookies

These are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of the browser until the website is abandoned, so that none is recorded on the user's hard drive. The information gathered through these cookies is used to analyse traffic patterns on the web. In the long run, this allows to provide a better experience to improve the content and facilitate its use.

Permanent or third-party cookies

Are stored at the hard disk and the website the reads every time that it realises a new visit. In spite of his name, a permanent web has a date of expiration. The cookie will cease to function after this date. They are used, generally, to facilitate the different services that offer the websites.

Following, we publish a relation of the principal cookies used in our webs:

1> The compulsorily cookies how, for example, those that are used for a correct navigation or cookies that are used to assure that the content of the website is effectively loaded.

2> Third-party cookies: Third-party cookies are those installed by a website that is not the site the User is visiting; for example, those used by social networks (such as Facebook) or external content complements (such as Google Maps).

3> Analytical cookies for regular maintenance and, in order to ensure the best possible service to the user, with which websites collect statistical data of the activity.

3. Relation and description of cookies:

the table below summarizes the cookies described above and used on our website:


Duration: 2 years. Analytical cookie (from third parties). Used to differentiate between users and sessions. The cookie is created when loading the javascript library and there is no previous version of the cookie. The cookie is updated every time you send the data to Google Analytics.


Duration: 24 hours. It is a google analytics cookie that is used to distinguish users.


Duration: Session. This cookie is used by the PHP encryption language to allow session variables to be saved on the web server. These cookies are essential for the running of the web.


Duració: 6 mesos. Aquesta galeta és usada per saber si l’usuari ha acceptat les cookies i elimina la franja de les cookies del peu de la pàgina

4. Consent

By browsing and continuing on our website, the user will be consenting to the use of cookies in order to be able to use them, for the periods indicated above and under the conditions contained in this Cookie Policy.

5. Withdrawal of consent

L’usuari podrà retirar en qualsevol moment el seu consentiment relacionat amb aquesta Política de Cookies, per això hi haurà d’eliminar les galetes emmagatzemades en el seu equip utilitzant els ajustos i configuracions del seu navegador d’internet.

6. Cookie management: Complementary guarantees.

All Internet browsers allow you to limit the behavior of a cookie or disable cookies within the settings or browser options. The steps to do this are different for each browser, and instructions can be found in the help menu of each browser.

Many browsers allow you to activate a private mode whereby cookies are always erased after the visit. Depending on each browser this private mode can have different names.

A continuació, es pot trobar una llista dels navegadors més comuns i el lloc on es poden modificar les cookies:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings.
  • Firefox: tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Settings.
  • In the case of Google Chrome, go to Tools, select Options (Preferences in the case of Mac users), then Advanced and finally Content Settings under the Privacy section and tick on Cookies in the Content Settings dialog box.
  • Safari: Preferences -> Safety.

7. Updating the Cookie Policy

This website may modify this Cookie Policy, so we recommend you to review this policy each time you access to our website to be properly informed about our use of cookies.