Visit to Ribelles castle

From the Esclopets farmhouse you can easily get to Ribelles town and visit the castle and its breath taking surroundings. Enjoying stunning views over the Llobregós river Valley.

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From Esclopets to Roca Bandera

The route starts from the esclopets house, going east until you get to Sanahuja . Once there you follow the old stoned medieval path known as the Escots going north. After 200 metres, turn left to take a track with a steep slope till you get to the top of the hill, where you can enjoy from impressive sights.

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From Esclopets to Sanahuja

From the house you can go to Sanahuja on foot. Sanahuja is a n small town which preserves its charming old town centre. Leaving from the Esclopets going north you can reach the main track. …

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Santa Magdalena hermitage

For guided visits to the medieval stela of Santa Magdalena hermitage in Sanahuja, please contact Sanahuja town council.