The farmhouse Els Esclopets has a capacity of 17 people

The farmhouse

The farmhouse is located in a unique landscape in the Llobregós river valley. It used to be called Ribelles hostel as the old royal path crossed it on its way to Barcelona , Ponts and La Seu d’Urgell through the segre Valley itinerary. Located among the two counties borders ( la Noguera and La Segarra, administrative belonging to la Noguera county.

The farmhouse dates from the 18th century. It used to be an old hostel for the traginers( muleteers) and pilgrims, who thanked Mare de Deu dels esclopets to enjoy their journey. You will find the hermitage Mare de Deu dels Esclopets close to our farmhouse.

The Vilaró family lived here until 2003 leading a peasants life, looking after the orchard and taking care of the two farms (pigs and young chickens). The owners Jaume Vilaró and Anna Torrent have wanted to start this new and encouraging project taking care of the landscape and looking for the sustainability principles.

The project

The rural self-catering accommodation provides the following : the farmhouse, a multipurpose room with a barbecue and games , the heated pool ( to be used either in summer or in winter) .

The farmhouse was inhabited until 2003. It has been beautifully restored preserving the old rooms and the main original structures .

The hardest to restore it has been turning the farm into a multi-purpose room for a barbecue and for a games room which makes the house ideal to be enjoyed for groups. The main structure of the old farm was kept, highlighting the natural stone that holds the south face part of the building.

Another challenge it has been restoring the old pigs farm turned into a heated pool in winter and an outdoor pool in summer just opening the sliding glass doors.